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(That's true of all of us, up to a point, but celebrities who are also minorities feel a powerful added pressure to represent their entire demographic) Cait is also a parent with adult children, so she is also concerned with how her children will feel if she begins dating just a couple of years after coming out to the world and transitioning.

We all likely remember the scene on when Caitlyn refused to dance with a man when she and the other women were taking dancing classes.

But let’s walk at a slow pace and discuss everything gradually.

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well, for starters, they've been hanging out a lot. For example, Sophia has been sharing a lot of photos of Caitlyn's dog, Bertha.

Some of Sophia's photos were almost certainly taken in Caitlyn's house.

If she and Sophia are dating, that's great news for Caitlyn's personal development.

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All of this was enough for that Caitlyn Jenner is currently single and not dating anyone.

The trouble with taking representative at their word is that, you know, sometimes celebrities don't want a story or relationship getting out.

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Well, speaking of living as her authentic self and of her trip to Cabo San Lucas (where the aforementioned beach was located), Caitlyn Jenner did not spend her tropical trip alone. In the captions of one Instagram photo, Sophia describes herself as "Blonde. But, as a college student, she cited Caitlyn Jenner as a source of inspiration, her story giving her the courage to transition.

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  1. It’s not that unusual in a legal drama for characters to frequently come and go with little or no explanation regarding their disappearance, but consider the fact that Jess Weixler (who played an investigator) and Michael Boatman (who was a partner at the firm) both also just kind of vanished. Graham Phillips hasn’t been seen on the show since May. On top of all the other disappearances, it’s even weirder.